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Packaging and Handling
A comprehensive range of flexible packaging products are provided for commercial applications and those specific to ESD standards, regulations and quality criteria.

Flexible packaging, Thermoformed packaging, Customised boxes, Foam & sponges, Containers, component storage & handling solutions, Trolley & shelving
Rubber and Plastic Products
Engineering plastics, Machine plastics, Extruded plastics.

Engineering plastics, Machine plastics, Extruded plastics,
Work Room Equipment
Destat supply a wide range of work room equipment including chairs (which comply with ESD standards), workstations, workstation accessories, trolleys and shelving, table and floor mats, labels, signs and tapes.

Chairs, Trolley and Shelving, Workstation`s and Accessories, Tables and Floor Mats, Labels, Signs and Tapes.
Protective Clothing and Cleaning
Office products are usually made out of insulating plastics. Insulating plastics can be charged easily and cant be discharged by grounding. Replacing these objects by ESD safe office products eliminates an important category of ESD risks at the work area. Destat has a wide range of gloves, workwear and cleaning.

Gloves, Workwear, Cleaning products, Footwear.
Protection Products and Materials

Rollscreen Safety Curtains
De-Stat Rollscreen strip curtains are efficient, durable and cost effective. The strip curtains can be used for extension doorways or to provide effective and safe partitioning solutions or screens for welding, grinding, or spraying operations. Made from a heavy duty durable PVC the clear, coloured or ribbed strip material also controls temperature stability in retaining heat (or cold if used in refridgerated conditions or applications).